"Give a child a healthy meal and you will feed them for a day; teach a child how to make a healthy meal and they will eat well for a lifetime." 

-Proud Founder of Nouveau Nutrition

Kira J. Pantschenko


Can you Answer YES to Any of These Questions?

Do you have a picky eater?  

Do you dread dinner time?

Do your children make the right choices for their school lunch?

Do your children refuse to eat fruits, vegetables, or anything that doesn’t contain a picture of their favorite T.V. character?

Do you need some helpful suggestions to make your family healthier?

Food should be fun and together we can bring your family to a happier healthier life.  Join me on an adventure to improve the health of your children.  It is imperative that we guide our children to ensure that they have proper development and growth. The food habits we learn as children are carried with us as teenagers and adults. Our little ones are too important and Nouveau Nutrition is here to guide and reinforce making healthful choices.