Nutrition Done Differently

Every day we are bombarded with limitless food choices. It is a constant battle to make the right choices.  

What should we be eating, and who should we listen to? 

My solution focuses on one thing: Clean Eating!

As an expert nutritionist, I firmly believe that being better equipped to be more conscious of your food choices is the key to getting the results that you desire. We all have a unique genetic makeup and my practice offers personalized counseling to assist clients in attaining their goals of weight loss and overall well being.

Our mission is to help you develop a healthy lifestyle through a series of proven and practical methods.


What drives me everyday is to use my expertise in nutrition to filter out all the information --good and bad -- about nutrition and to consolidate the information into a practical plan that is tailor-made to each client.

I would like all of my clients to leave each session with a better understanding of food and nutrition and be able to make informed decisions.

What is the most challenging part of you reaching your goals?

I am here to help you.

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Nouveau Nutrition would like to take all the taboo guilt words like fast food, convenience, and make them into positive words.

Before working with Nouveau Nutrition:

Convenience foods and fast foods are thought of as unhealthy Burgers, fries, cookies, chips, and pizza

After working with Nouveau Nutrition:

Bananas, apples, and yogurt are the new convenience foods. Fruit smoothies, granola, and cut up fruits and vegetables are the new fast food.

Change the way you look at food.

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Nouveau Nutrition for Kids provides positive nutrition counseling for your child to give him or her a healthy outlook on food.

By empowering your child with knowledge about healthy eating he or she will make appropriate food choices that will last a lifetime.

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